Case Studies & Success Stories


55 year old male. Self-harm, paranoia, auditory hallucinations. 30 inpatient psych admissions, 7 Arizona State Hospital admissions, arrests for arson and assault.

PROBLEM: In the 24 months prior to entering Orion, he had 23 significant self-harm incidents, necessitating 14 medical hospital admissions and 7 psychiatric hospital admissions. During that time, he was not out of the hospital for more than 3 consecutive weeks. Swallows razor blades, paper clips, rocks, broken DVDs, staples, bottle caps.

SOLUTION: Orion Homes exclusive 1:1 staffing program, positive coping skills training, goal setting.

OUTCOME: He has significantly improved since being in his Orion Home setting. In the last 24 months, he has had only 5 self-harm incidents and ZERO hospitalizations.


43-year old male. Paranoia, auditory hallucinations, physical aggression, memory impairment. Significant history of drug abuse and homelessness.

PROBLEM: No contact with family for 10 years, no coping skills, no medications.

SOLUTION: Orion Homes training and assistance with accessing services, worked to re-establish contact with family, and Orion team encouragement for compliance with medication regimen.

OUTCOME: Orion Homes staff has helped him re-establish contact with his family – his brother traveled from Minnesota and his adult children traveled from Colorado to visit him. He is now sober for 3+ years. His medications have been very effective at reducing symptoms and behaviors and has now allowed him to have a greatly improved quality of life.


48-year old female. Self-harm, paranoia, auditory hallucinations, physical aggression. 10 years in Arizona State Hospital, arrests for assault and unlawful imprisonment.

PROBLEM: Discharged from Arizona State Hospital after 10 years, evicted from first two placements within 72 hours each. No community supports, limited coping skills, aggressive towards staff and peers, self-harms.

SOLUTION: Orion Homes exclusive 1:1 staffing program, positive coping skills training, goal setting.

OUTCOME: We are happy to report that she has had ZERO psych hospitalizations or crisis calls since admission to her Orion Home. She is now participating in multiple community outings on a weekly basis. She has developed and continues to develop very positive coping skills and supportive relationships.


64-year old male. Depression, self-harm.

PROBLEM: Two suicide attempts in 10 days, refusing medications, hospital declared no longer DTS and was demanding discharge, previous ALF would not accept back.

SOLUTION: Orion Homes staff focus on positive encouragement and support for counseling, encourage medication compliance, coping skills development and implementing a plan to increase staff ratio in home for closer supervision.

OUTCOME: He is now compliant with medication and more importantly he has had no self-harm incidents or no suicidal ideations. He is increasingly participating in community activities to build supportive, positive relationships.


59-year old male. Bipolar disorder, depression, neurocognitive disorder, end-stage renal disease, polysubstance abuse.

PROBLEM: Evicted from an ALF and SNF in last 60 days for property damage, discharged from dialysis clinic for aggression.

SOLUTION: Customized placement into an Orion home specifically for the 3:1 staff ratio, we commit to 1:1 personal staffing to attend dialysis with him 3 days per week.

OUTCOME: He is now compliant with his dialysis and has had no physical aggression or property damage. He’s stabilized greatly within his new home setting at Orion.